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Calender / Calendario

If you want to participate in our events you need to contact us a week ahead so we can make reservations.

2024 Autumn

Under planning

2024 Spring

17 January POCA Dinner at Restaurante Divot, Marbella 19.30

27 January POCA Rally up to Caminino del Rei and the lakes. Lunch at Castello do Monda. Roadbook

14 February POCA Dinner at Restaurante Mousaka, San Pedro 19.30

24 February POCA Rally up in the mountains of Sierra Bermeja and lunch in Castellar de la Frontera

13 March POCA Dinner at G-Wine

23 March POCA Rally Invitation: From Sotogrande to Casares  Roadbook

10 April POCA Dinner at Las Brisas

20 April POCA Rally to Ronda and a visit to an olive oil factory outside Ronda. 

15-16 May POCA Rally Two nights away rally to Aracena

29 May Anniversary GoKart Grand Prix - for beginners and other drivers. Meet a race track driver.

31 May POCA celebration 10 year dinner

12 June POCA Dinner at Besaya Beach

22 June Summer lunch at Shanti-Sum

2023 Autumn

6 September POCA Dinner Ramos

16 September Rally to San Pablo de Buceite and restaurant La Estacion.  Road book

11 October POCA Dinner Don Quijote, El Rosario

21 October Rally

8 November POCA Dinner

25 November  Xmas-lunch. Roadbook

2023 Spring

6 January Poca Dinner at Cabana

28 January Pocca Rally Mijas-Coin-Alozaina and lunch in San Pedro G-Wine

15 February POCA Dinner at Divot

25 February Poca Rally to Tolox  Roadbook

15 March Poca Dinner Casino Nueva Andalucia

25 March Poca Rally up in the north-eastern mountains Roadbook 

29 April Poca Rally to El Chopo. Road map

17 May Poca Dinner. Marabierta, San Pedro 19.30

27 May Poca Rally, 10.30 at KE Bar in Sotogrande for a trip to Costa de la Luz

14 June Poca Summer Dinner at Besaya Beach. 19.30

1 July Picnic at Turtle Lake

2022 Autumn

November 26 Rally From Estepona to Casares Restaurante Forge

NEW DATE  November 16 POCA DINNER at Divot 19.30

October 29 Club Lunch

October 15 POCA Rally to Arriate. Roadbook. Registration at Venta Pelegrino 10.45

September 24 Rally. Start at Sotogrande 10. To Tarifa via San Martin

September 7 Club Dinner at Las Brisas Golfclub 19.30

2022 Spring

January 12 POCA Dinner

January 22 Rally - Rural Estepona  Start at 10.30 Carrefour Estepona  Lunch  at Trocadero

February 9 Dinner at Divot

February 26 Rally to Benalup

March 16 Dinner restaurante Besaya Beach, Estepona NEW Location

March 26 Rally to Casares

April 13 Dinner restaurant Alma in Estepona

April 23 Rally in the Andalucian mountains

May 11 Dinner at Las Brisas Golf Club

May 21 Rally to Portugal/Tavira. Request invitation if you have not got one.

June 7 Dinner at Antigua, close to Urb Costalita 20.15

June 25 Summer event

July 13 at Besaya Beach club Dinner


December 8 at Divot 19.30 Christmas Dinner.

November 27 POCA Rally. Meet at Venta Pelegrino 10.20. Lunch at El Muelle de Arriate. Roadbook

November 17 Club Dinner at Besaya Beach, Marbella

October 23 POCA Rally to Mijas

October 13 Club Dinner at El Carnicero

September 25 POCA Rally Meet in Venta Pelegrino 10.30. Rally in the mountains. Roadbook

September 15 Club Dinner Besaya Beach. Wonderful setting under the moon.

August 21 POCA Rally  Summer holiday

August 11 Club Dinner Summer holiday

July 24 POCA Rally 10.30  start at Venta Peligrino on the Ojen road. Lunch at Cascada, Marbella

July 14 Club Dinner at restaurante Divot.

June 26 POCA Summer Rally Benaojan

June 16 POCA SUMMER Dinner Besaya Beach

May 22 POCA Rally through the Arcornocales Roadbook

May 12 POCA Dinner 

April 24 POCA Rally in the mountains northeast of Marbella.  Program and roadmap

April 14 POCA Dinner at Ramires in Guadalmina

March 20 POCA Rally in the Andalucian mountains

March 10 POCA Dinner at restaurant Divot


December 13 If possible Christmas lunch

November 28 Postponed due to Covid restrictions

November 18 POCA Dinner

October 24 Rally From El Casereo km164, Estepona, Jubric, Gaucin. Start 10.00

October 14 POCA Dinner at Cascada Cocina and Bar  19.30

September 26 Rally to Tarifa

September 16 Dinner at restaurant Divot

August 22 Rally, we all wnet to Bodega Felisa/Chinchilla

August 12 Club Dinner at Restaurant Divot

July 25 Rally, information coming

July 15  Club Dinner, information coming

June 27 Rally up in the Sierra Bermeja mountains with lunch

June 17 Dinner at Divot at 19.30

May 23 Rally Cancelled

May 13 Dinner Cancelled

April 25 Rally Cancelled

April 15 Dinner Cancelled

March 28 Rally to Mijas  Cancelled

March 18 Dinner Cancelled

February 29 Rally to Malaga Roadbook  Map for rally  Malaga city walk

February 19 Dinner 19.45 at the Casino, Nueva Andalucia

January 25 Rally up in the Estepona mountains. Start 10.30 Laguna Village.

January 15 Dinner Restaurant Divine 19.30 Calle Norte, 2 | Centro Comercial y Deportivo Azalea CN 340 Km. 173,


November 30 POCA Rally and Christmas Dinner at rest Besaya

November 13 POCA Dinner rest Divine

October 26 POCA Rally to Zahara de los Atunes

October 16 POCA Dinner.  Restaurante La Campana in Nueva Andalucia 19.30

September 21 POCA Rally Meeting at Venta Pelegrino at 10.30 and ending with lunch at Cascada Cocina

September 11 POCA Dinner at Las Brisas Golf Club

June 26 POCA Rally

June 5 Anniversary DINNER POCA 5 year

May 25 POCA Rally to Arcos de la Frontera  Roadbook    Map

May 15 Club Dinner at Las Brisas

April 27 POCA Rally to Januar

April 17 Club Dinner - cancelled

March 23 POCA and FOCA Rally to El Burgo and restaurant Perejil in Estepona Invitation/Roadbook

March 13 Club Dinner

February 23 POCA Rally to Antequera       Roadbook

February 13 Club Dinner at El Gaucho in Puerto Banus

January 26 POCA Rally to Frigiliana, east of Malaga. Roadbook

January 17 Club Dinner at El Carnicero



December 12 Club Dinner

November 24 POCA Rally and  Christmas Dinner. Rally starting in Sotogrande at 11.00 and will end up in Las Brisas Golf Club for Chriostmas lunch.

November 14 POCA Dinner

October 27 POCA Rally   We will meet at Venta Pelegrino at 10.30am for Registration and Coffee. The Run will be to the amazing Cerro de Hijar Hotel, above Tolox, then returning to Marbella for lunch at the new Cascada Cocina and Bar

October 17 POCA Dinner. We will meet at Conrad's Restaurant, Aloha, at 7.30pm.  (www.conrad's-ristorante.com).

19 September POCA Dinner at Marabierta

September 22  - 5 Classic Porsche International Meeting en Marbella 

July 26 Invitation: Our member Ian Kuah and Enrique Ramallo, we visited his garage earlier this year, are organizing the annual Concurse d´Elegance at Magna Marbella Golf Club and Magna Cafe. More information: iankuah@mac.com

September Two or three events are coming up. Information later.

July and August - the club do not arrange any dinners or rally.   

June 30 POCA Rally to Bolonia

 June 13 Club Dinner at La Taberna de Lucia in Estepona Marina at 20.00

 May 19 - 20 POCA Rally Overnight trip to Ubeda  Roadbook 1    Roadbook 2

 May 9 Club Dinner at Café Magna

 April 21 POCA Rally Burgos and to restaurant Shanti Sum

 April 11 Club Dinner

 March 24 POCA Rally Starts in Nueva Andalucia

 March 14 Club Dinner

 February 24 POCA Rally Ronda area

 Changed date February 13 Club Dinner at Conrads

 January 27 POCA Rally - Marbella to Malaga Car Museum    Roadbook

January 20 Malaga Retro Car Show  - the club do no activity but some members may be interested 

January 17 Club Dinner


Christmas Dinner

November 25 POCA Rally

Driving over Chestnuts - Roadbook.

Christmas Lunch with Music at Las Brisas Golf Club to include 3 courses including Turkey and Mince Pies

November 15 Club Dinner at Las Brisas Golf Club

October 21 POCA Rally San Pedro to Buceite  Program  Roadbook  Menu

October  11 Club Dinner at restuarant Marabierta

September 23 Club Rally to Tarifa.  Roadbook

September 14 Club Dinner and POCA Chat starts at 19.00 at Golf Club Las Brisas 

July and August no activities

July 1 Summer Rally to Algodonales with lunch close to the coast

June 8 Club Dinner at Macaoo beach

June 3 Charity Car Run for Cudeca. See menu.  Invitation    Roadbook  La Campana-Zalea-Las Brisas

May 27-28 Club Rally in Cadiz area overnight. Invitation.  Road book      Day 1     Day 2

May 17 Club Dinner Las Brisas 

April 22 Club Rally around Casarabonela. Road book page1 and page 2

April 12 Club Dinner Las Brisas

March 25 Club Rally Monda - Zalea - Aloziana - Marbella

March 15 Club Dinner Las Brisas

February  25 Club Rally - Monda area

February 15 Club Dinner - Wine Tasting and Tapas

January 28 Club City Rally San Pedro - Benahavis - Estepona Tapas lunch

January 22 Salon Retro Malaga (not a club event)

January 18 Club Dinner



November 26 Club Rally and Christmas Dinner - Roadbook

November 12 Charity Run togehter with Rotary Club Guadalmina

October 22 Club Rally - Road book

October 19 Club Dinner at restaurant Kaskada

September 24 Club Rally to Rond, Rest Muelle

September 17 Golf at El Capanario

September 14 Club Dinner at El Potro, Istan road 4km

July 31 Charity Rally

June 25-26 Midsummer  in Ronda area See preliminary programme. Start 10.30 at Ronda Road

June 22 Club Dinner at Macaao

May 21 Rally to lakes at Iznajar with PICNIC on the beach. Start 10.00 at Venta Pelegrino

May 18 Club Dinner at restaurant Macaao Beach Club, San Pedro, 19.30

April 23 Rally - The Hill Climb

April 20 Club Dinner

March 19 Rally Estepona.

March 16 Club Dinner at Nueva Kaskada. See invitation

March 14 Visit at MrCap

February 20 Anniversary Rally. Programme  Roadbook nr 1 SWC to ZaleaRoadbook no 2 to SWC

February 17 Club Dinner at Nueva Kaskada. See invitation

January 23  Rally to Castillo de Castillar. Programme Roadbook SWC to Alcaidesa.  Roadbook Alcaidesa to Castillo de Castellar

January 20 Dinner at Small World Cafe in Marbella.


December 10 Christmas Dinner at Nueva Kaskada  with music -Invitation here

November 21 Rally We are travelling from the bottom of the Ronda road to Ronda and Casares where we will dine at Venta Garcia. We are going to stop for views and something to drink.

November 18th POCA dinner at Nueva Kaskada

October 24 Rally Shanti Sum

October 14 POCA dinner at Nueva Kaskada - Please call/mail if you are coming

September 26 Rally - Start Point 4,5 kilometers North La Cañada at Venta El Pelegrino at 10.15 - 11.00 followed by a senic tour to La Cala, venta El Jinet

July 8 POCA dinner at Kaskada restuarant, Marbella, just North of La Canada.

July 12 Poca and Ferrari Club meeting in Malaga Habour

July 25 Weepora Event - Puerto Banus - Ascari Racetrack - Purto Banus. Email us for full information

May 8    Ascari visit meeting Los Almendros Venta at 10.30

May 13. POCA dinner at Nueva Kascada Restaurant 7.30

June 10  POCA dinner

June 27  Rally to Lakes at Guadalhorce for Picnic

April 19 Venta Los Almendros 

February 22 Anniversary Rally

January 24  We can hopefully welcome some at our first rally of 2015 , on Saturday 24th January. I can guarantee that this rally,  running from SOTOGRANDE to  SAN PABLO De BUCEITE and organised very well by Marc, will be an exciting  day out, full of challenging motoring, spectacular scenery and concluding with a  fabulous lunch. At THE OLD RAILWAY STATION


Our Porsche Rally the 22nd of November

I am delighted to announce the details for our Rally next Saturday 22nd November.  Our adventure will begin with us meeting at Small World Cafe, (Lomas de Sierra Blanca) situated at Km 1  A -7176 Istan Road at 1130am. (direction Istan just passed Olivier Valere nightclub).
 Our rally destination is the forge, a wonderful high quality jazz themed restaurant in a lovely rural location just off the road to Casares.

Saturday the 1st of November a trip to Tarifa (Moved!)
We have a delightful rally planned to the world famous Dos Mares Hotel in Tarifa on Saturday the 1st of November.Departing Camuri Restaurant at Laguna Village at 12 noon. We will gather for coffee at 11am.
The Hotel is providing us with lunch at their chiringito overlooking the Tarifa sands.
I look forward to seeing you on this lovely rally. In the event of severe bad weather the rally will be cancelled.

Sunday 21st of September Guadalmina, mountains and Dominion Beach 


Saturday the 22nd of June Guadalhorce

Saturday the 23rd of May we were in Antequera

Saturday the 19 of April we were at the bodega Jaquin Fernandez

On Saturday the 15th of March POCA Malaga event. 

On Sunday 9 th of March we have a SPECIAL EVENT in  Muelle 1 ( Peer 1 ) in Malaga harbour, in Godoy Restaurant . We will have a Super Car event together with other clubs and friends  with Ferrari, Lamborghini , Maserati, Bugatti, Aston Martin, Mercedes, etc. if you have friends with a super car  please ask them to join us.
El Domingo 9 de Marzo tendremos un EVENTO ESPECIAL en Muelle 1 , Puerto de Málaga, en el Restaurante Godoy.  Tendremos un evento al cual invitaremos a clubes y amigos con coches Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Bugatti, Aston Martin, Mercedes, etc. si tenéis amigos pídeles que se unan a nosotros


23 February was our inaugural POCA event held