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Photos from 3 June 2017 Charity Run for Cudeca

Charity Car Run for donations to Cudeca

We think that we all have som friend or relative, or at least heard of a person, that have suffered from cancer. The cancer treatment can save many but all are not so lucky. Cudeca, Cuidados del Cancer, can play a major role for those that need support.

You can read more about Cudeca here

Cudeca offers help completely free of charge to patients and their families in order to satisfy the problems of the patients with assessment and palliative care in their homes, receiving treatment as outpatients, receiving rehabilitation in the day-center or as residents in the Hospice.

You can ask Cudeca about their activities directly here

Why a Charity Car Run?

Fundraising is vitally important to Cudeca, as the cost of running the teams of doctors and nurses and the hospice in Arroyo de Miel is dependent of donations. Just now Cudeca appreciate donations to run their teams doing holistic cancer care and attention given to patients and their families at home. 92% of Cudecas income come from private donations and only 8% from public donations.


What can you do?

You can participate in the Charity Car Run the 3rd of June. Bring Your friends, they are welcome as well. We will present a programme later this month.

You can also make a donation directly to Cudeca

Charity Car Run 2017

Last year,2016' POCA held its first Charity Car Run, to raise money for Rotary Club-Guadalmina, where all donations go directly to local charities.  With HiFX sponsoring the  event we raised 3,500€.

This year, POCA has teamed up with Ferrari Owners Club and Jaguar Enthusiasts Club,  to once again raise money for Rotary's charity CUDECA, which supports cancer patients with palliative care.

SPORTWAGEN MARBELLA are sponsoring the event which takes place on 3rd JUNE, with registration and coffee at 10am at Sportwagen's showroom in The Poligono, La Campana.  This will be followed by a Car Run of about 100km around the beautiful Andalusian countryside, and culminating in a delicious lunch at Las Brisas Golf Club.

The event is open to all.

For further information please contact

sally@porscheownersandalucia.eu                   Download the invitation here


Yours sincerely

Sally Hampton, POCA  www.porscheownersandalucia.eu

Peter and Mona Gavrell, POCA

Philip Wray, Jaguar Enthusiast Club  www.jec-spain.com

Carlos Alvares-Garmon, Ferrari Owners Club Andalucia     www.ferrariownersclubandalucia.es

Peter Marmot

Lorraine Powell, ex president Marbella Rotary Club