PORSCHE enthusiasts at Costa del Sol

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Here you will find photos from our meetings, our members cars etc. Most photos taken by Peter Gavrell - PG (Copyright)

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POCA Club Dinner at Besaya Beach 2024 06 12

POCA  Anniversary Dinner 2024 05 31 at Atalaya Golf Club

POCA GoKart in Estepona

POCA Rally to Aracena

POCA Rally to Ronda with a visit to LA
     Peters pictures             Ians pictures             Jeffs film  

POCA  Dinner at Las Brisas

POCA Rally in the countryside to Gaucin

POCA Dinner at G-Wine

POCA rally in the mountains of Sierra Bermeja to Castellar (Photo T Linden and P Gavrell)

POCA Dinner at restaurant Mousaka 2024 02 14

POCA Rally to Caminito del Rei and lunch at Castillo do Monda

POCA Dinner at Divot 2024 01 17 

POCA Rally in the mountains to restaurant Musaka 2023 11 25

POCA Dinner at Don Quijote, El Rosario, 2023 10 11

POCA Rally to La Estecion San Pablo de Buceite 2023 09 17

POCA Dinner at Ramos 2023 09 06

POCA Picnic at Turtle Lake 2023 07 01.  Photos Peter and Harry

POCA Summer Dinner at Besaya Beach 2023 06 14

POCA Dinner at Marabierta 2023 05 17

POCA Rally to El Chopo 2023 04 29

POCA Rally in the mountains and to restaurant Alcuzcuz 2023 03 25. Pictures from Peter and Ian.

POCA Dinner at Divot 2023 02 15 

POCA Rally up in the mountains and lunch in San Pedro

POCA Dinner 2023 01 06 Cabana

POCA Rally 2022 11 26 to Casares

POCA Dinner at Divot 2022 11 16

POCA Rally to Tarifa 2022 09 24

POCA Dinner at restaurant Besaya Beach 2022 07 13 (Photos from Sally and Harry)

POCA Rally up in the mountains and to Turtle Lake 2022 06 25

POCA Dinner at restaurant Antigua 2022 06 07

POCA rally to Portugal 2022 05 21

POCA Rally in the Andalucia mountains 2022 04 23

POCA Rally to Casares 2022 03 26

POCA Dinner at Besaya Beach  2022 03 12

POCA rally to Benalup 2022 02 26

POCA Dinner at Devine 2022 02 08

POCA Rally rural Estepona with  navigation and quiz 2022 01 22

POCA Dinner at Divot 2022 01 12

POCA Christmas Dinner 2021 12 08 at Divot, Marbella

POCA Rally to Ronda 2021 11 27

POCA Dinner at Besaya Beach 2021 11 17

POCA Rally in october from Restaurante Jinete to Mijas village

POCA Rally in the mountains till restaurante Jinete 29 september (Photo Peter and Harry)

POCA Rally to Torrox and Restaurante Cascada in Marbella

POCA Rally to Benaojan 24 June

POCA Dinner at Besaya Beach 16 June Photo: Clement E

POCA Rally Alcornocales

POCA Rally in the moutains around Coin and Alhaurin with lunch at Gamonal 24 04 2021

POCA Dinner at Ramires in Guadalmina april 14

POCA Rally in the Andalucian mountains march 20

POCA Dinner at restaurant Divot march 10

POCA Rally in the mountains of Estepona with lunch at Venta Garcia 2020 10 24

POCA Club Dinner at Cascada Marbella 2020 10 14

POCA Rally to Tarifa 2020 09 26

POCA Dinner at Divot 2020 09 16

POCA Rally from Marbella to Bodega Felisa/Chinchilla in Ronda

POCA Rally from Marbella to La Cala - Jinete July 25

POCA Dinner at *Divot July 15

POCA Rally Laguna Village - Sierra Bermeja - Casares  June 27

POCA Dinner at restaurante Divot June 17

POCA Rally to Malaga and lunch at Blossom Patagonia February 29

POCA Dinner and Rally in Estepona Mountains in January

POCA Rally to Pareuta/Cutzar and to Restaurant Besaya

POCA Club Dinner at Restaurant Divine 2019 11 13

POCA Rally to Zahara de los Atunes 2019 10 26

POCA Club Dinner at La Campana restaurant 2019 10 16

POCA Rally in the mountains 2019 09 21

POCA Club Dinner at Las Brisas 2019 09 11

POCA 5 YEAR celebration at Besaya

POCA Rally 2019 05 25 to Arcos de la Frontera

POCA Dinner 2019 05 15 at Las Brisas

POCA Rally 2019 04 27 Juanar   

POCA and FOCA Rally La Canada - El Burgo - Ronda - Estepona 2019 03 23

POCA Dinner at Panorama

POCA Rally to Antequera

POCA Dinner at El Gauch in Purto Banus

POCA Rally to Frigiliana 2019 01 26

POCA dinner at El Carnicero 2019 01 16

POCA and Weepora meeting in Puerto Banus 

POCA Rally 24 November Sotogrande-Juzcar-Las Brisas

POCA Club Dinner at Casa Italia

POCA Rally 27 October to Tolox and dinner at Cascada in Marbella

POCA Club Dinner at Conrads

POCA with Weepora to Ronda 2018 09 22

POCA Dinner at Marabierto 2018 09 19

POCA Rally to Bolonia 2018 06 30

POCA Rally to Ubeda 2018 05 19-20

POCA Club Dinner at Magna Cafe 2018 05 09

POCA Rally Meeting at Magna Marbella, to Burgos and restaurant Shanti Sum

POCA Rally up in the Estepona mountains 2018 03 24 to Venta Garcia

POCA Clubdinner at restaurant Divine 2018 03 14

POCA Rally Marbella - Burgos - Ronda - San Pedro 2018 02 24

POCA Dinner at Conrads 2018 01 13

POCA Rally Malaga Automobil Museum 2018 01 27. Se more photos from the museum under links. More photos from our member Mike Dunnion and from Classic Car Exhibition in Malaga

POCA Dinner at Las Brisas Golf Club 2018 01 17

POCA Rally Pujarra 2017 11 25 and photos from member Mke Dunnion

POCA Rally San Pablo de Buceite 2017 10 21

POCA Dinner at Marabierta in San Pedro 2017 10 11

POCA Rally Tarifa 2017 09 23

POCA Dinner Las Brisas 14 september

POCA Summer pictures

POCA Dinner at Macaoo 8 June 2017

Charity Run for Cudeca 3 June 2017

POCA Rally Montenmedio 27-27 May

POCA Dinner at Las Brisas 17 May

POCA Rally 22 April Casarabonela

POCA Dinner at Las Brisas April 12

POCA Rally 25 March up in the mountains

POCA Club Dinner at Las Brisas March 15

POCA RALLY 25 February

POCA City Rally San Pedro to Estepona

POCA Rally to Monda and Coin Pedrin Gallery November 26 and Christmas Dinner at Nueva Kaskada

POCA Dinner  November 16 at Nueva Kaskada 

POCA Rally October 22 to Venta Jinete (last pictures from Ian Kuah)

POCA Dinner October 18 at restaurant Kaskada

POCA Rally September 24 Venta Pellegrino to Ronda, rest Muelle

POCA Dinner at Potro 2016 09 14

POCA Picnic Iznajar
POCA Picnic 2016 may.mp4 (3.62MB)
POCA Picnic Iznajar
POCA Picnic 2016 may.mp4 (3.62MB)


POCA Rally to Iznajar May 21 2016 y Peter Gavrell  and by Ian  Kuah

POCA Dinner at Maccaao May 18 2016

POCA Rally The Hill Climb april 23 2016

POCA Rally  Mountain Bermejo to El Campanario march 19 2016

POCA dinner at Nueva Kaskada march 16 2016 

Society Magazin Super Speedy Annivesary page 1  page 2

POCA Anniversary Rally February 20 Photos By P Gavrell  Photos by Ian Kuah

POCA dinner at Nueva Kaskada February 17

POCA Rally January 23 2016 from Peter Gavrell. Photos from Mike Dunnion

POCA dinner at Small World Cafe 20 January 2016

POCA Christmas Dinner at Nueva Kaskada 10 december 2015

POCA Rally Ronda-Gaucin 21st of november 2015 Photos by Anne van Uffelen, Ian Kuah and PG

POCA dinner at Nueva Kaskada 18th of november 2015

POCA rally to Tolox and back to Shanti Sum 24th of October

POCA dinner at Nueva Kaskada 14th of October 2015

POCA meeting to Mijas 26 of September 2015

POCA meeting to Zahara 27th of June 2015

POCA dinner at restaurant Kaskada 10th of June 2015

Ferrari exhibition in Malaga May 2015

POCA meeting 19th of April

Sevilla Weepora Porsche meeting april 2015

Sportcar meeting at Los Monteros 5 of April. See also Wileco Events on Facebook

POCA in the paper Society page 1 and page 2

POCA meeting at Kaskada a rainy day 21st of March (Euan Armstrong and Peter)

POCA new photos from the 24th of January (Marc and Anne Hoydonckx)

POCA celebrating 1 year with rally and dinner at Kaskada

Some photos from Malaga Exhibition of cars and motorcycles

POCA FILM Sotogrande to San Pablo

POCA Sotogrande Port to San Pablo 24th of January 2015

POCA Christmas Dinner at Tikitano

POCA Istan to Casares 22nd of November

POCA Meeting 1st of November Tarifa

POCA Meeting 21st of September Dominion Beach

POCA Meeting 22nd of June 2014 Parque Ardales, Embalse de Guadalhorce

POCA Meeting 24th of May Antequera (Peter Gavrell)

POCA Meeting 19th of April 2014 (Peter Gavrell)

POCA Meeting 15th of March 2014

POCA Inaugural Meeting 23rd of February 2014

Malaga Car exhibition 9th of March 2014