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Most of our members keep their registration and insurance in the home countries and drive the car home now and then for i e inspection. Probably because of the cost to register the car in Spain (CO2 tax).

In Spain as in all EU you have to have your car insured and pay tax. Police road inspection focus much on that you have all car papers with you so you can prove insurance and tax.

Poca cannot recommend any special insurance company.

Vehicle Registration

The laws ensure that all vehicles driven in Spain are subjected to Spanish laws and controls 


Depending of age Spanish registered cars should be inspected (ITV)

0-4 years no inspection

5-10 years every second

More than 10 years every year

You can book time on ITVs homepage. www.itvcita.com

You must bring the Tarjeta Inspeccion Tecnica in original.  

Importation of foreign cars

Must be completed within 60 days to avoid import duty when you move to Spain permanently

(Import duty calculated on CO2 emissions) 

There is a lot of paper work so let a Gestoria help you.

Vehicle modifications for importing

The costs : English cars - Headlights and foglights, ITV (MOT) report, Trafico fees, Advance payment on road tax, New number plates 

Historic vehicles

More than 25 years old. Lots of paperwork.

Reduction or no road tax. Reduces insurance premium 

Buying/Selling second hand Porsche

Paperwork needed: Registration documents – Permiso de Circulación. Road worthiness –Tarjeta Inspección Técnica. Your NIE. Proof of payment of Road Tax etc.

When buying and selling a car privately it is vitally that you control the registration so that you do not have to pay for old fines etc 

A Gestoria helps you as there are a lot of paper work and fees to be paid.


Point system now centralized throughout Europe. You have 12-15 points in the Spanish system.

In a roundabout always drive in the outer circle. The inner circle is just for overtaking.

All documents should be kept in the car!

Speed tickets come by post and should be paid by the owner.

Talking in telephone while driving 200 euro

Children not allowed in the front seat – 200€ fine.

Drink driving – 0,5 you get a fine, more than 0,8 = 1000€ fine.

Drug abuse testing now common practice.

You can pay fines directly to the Police, on some Bank Santader offices, or go to DGTs (Dirección General de Tráfico) web page and pay with a credit card.

50% discount if paid within 20 days. 

Unpaid fines (multas) on a Spanish car is often registered and can cause trouble when you try to sell the vehicle and your banc account can be  embargoed.

Speed limits

Motorway max 130 km/h

Regular roads 70 - 90km/h

Town roads reduced to 20 - 50 km/h

Radar detectors prohibited 

Driving Licences

EU licences valid throughout Europe when not living permanently in Spain

Living in Spain - change your driving licence to a Spanish Permiso de Conduccion valid for 5 years. You need a special driver licence health test. Photos etc  Go to Traffico (Jefatura  Provincial de Tráfico) in Malaga.  


British ambassador issued a statement after the government announced that as  from the 16th March 2023 holders of UK licences resident in Spain can now drive for six months while they exchange them for equivalent Spanish ones.      

Spanish government  have approved this agreement, UK driving licences held by residents in Spain can be exchanged for Spanish ones and vice versa.
The approval means that holders of a valid driving licence issued by either Uk or Spain can apply to exchange it for an equivalent document issued by their country of residence, without the need  to    take a driving test A


If you are unlucky and have a car accident make sure you obtain the licence plate, drivers name and NIF number and the name of the insurance company of the other vehicle.

Complete the blue form which you should carry at all times. This helps to record all relevant information and includes space to draw a picture of the accident.

If you are driving a hire car telephone the hire car company for assistance.

If you need an ambulance call 112.

If the car is not drivable check whether your insurance includes a Roadside Assistance element. If so call that number for a breakdown truck ("Grua") to take your car to the nearest garage or your destination.

At the earliest opportunity call the insurance company or his agent and they will guide you through the claims policy.

There is no specific requirement to inform the Police.

Keep Calm. Do not say too much. Make notes in case you need to defend or mount a legal action.